Violity 41-2017

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Retro photo and radio equipment - Radiomuzeum on Violity:
The 42nd week of 2017. For sale:
Radio receiver "VEF" 317
"Kiev-4" of 1961 with "Jupiter-8"
Camera "Zaria"
Camera "Crystal"
"Kiev - Vega" in a rich configuration
"Zorki-4" with "Industar-50"
"Kyiv-4" No. 8 11 2222
"Leningrad 2", a factory "Vibrator"
The customer loudspeaker of the Leningrad Plant "Radio Products", 1st grade
"FED" 1953 with native lens and cover
"Kiev-4" of 1966 with Jupiter-8M of 1964
"Zorki" in 1955, with Industar-22 in his native case
"Zorki" in 1952 with a cover
Radio «Cathay» RC535
Light meter "Leningrad" in a box
Projector "Sputnik 2"
"Zorki" in 1953
Radio receiver "Meridian" 210
Radio tape recorder «Universum» CTR 2747
"Zorki-2С" with "Industar-50"
Radio tape recorder «General» TFC-4000L
"Nordmende Transit Automatic"
"Photocor" with shutter "Zeiss Ikon"
The camera "Mir"
A radiant wall clock with a short-necked, flowing, thermometer and hygrometer, RST Sweden
Radio "Leningrad" 006
4 cameras Kiev-Vega
Busch Rathenow Binocular (Stereo) Microscope No. 23354
The camera "Vilia"
Light meter "Leningrad 2" of the "Vibrator" plant in a box with documents
The camera "Spring"
Movie camera "Quarz 2m"
Tube Radio "Neckermann Frankfurt" 821/28
"Lubitel 2" with a cover, inscription Cyrillic
"Sharp VZ-3000"
Radio "Watson" RR 5534
"Crusader XK"
""Rolleiflex 620 is one of 4926
"RET VV-663-2" Radio-Electrotechnical Factory
Radio "Philips Rallye Luxus"
Speaker "Riga"
"Alpinist" 320
ITT Junior 28B - VHF 88-104
Radio receiver "Profisound" 200
"Voigtländer Vito CLR De Luxe"
Philips N5151 cassette deck, unusual boot from bottom to top

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